Dominion glass bottle dating

Dominion glass bottle dating

Dominion glass bottle dating

Most of the insulators marked with these initials are toll (long distance) style units, classed as CD 121 in the Consolidated Design numbering system used by collectors.

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A COAdams Company, Pittsburgh, PA (1861-1891) and/or Agnew Company, also of Pittsburgh (c.1854-1894). . Arbogast, exander Arbogast / Arbogast Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (c. Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation. However, beginning around 1945, only clear or nearly clear glass was used. Mark, and in that case would have been made by an unidentified factory some time after 1892 dating sites older woman (the year the crown style lip was introduced).

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The most recent incarnation seems to have been The Agnew Company, which was in operation in 1894 (a bottle catalog from this company exists, dated 1894) which may have continued on for some time afterwards. Most of these plants were closed down in later years, until by the early 1970s only the Clarion plant (Owens-Illinois plant #17) was still making bottles.

Dating, cooking, dating, london, Obstetric, dating, reliability, Dating. Logo is occasionally seen on the base of clear glass prescription/medicine bottles. AG arcya Glass Corporation AG (stylized letters joined together as a circle, shown).

Please see the R entry (on page four) showing an actual photograph of this mark used by Rosendahl, Copenhagen, Denmark. Therefore, the early Foster. B (with 2 serifs).sometimes Brockway Glass Company, Brockway, Pennsylvania (1907-1988).

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This was one of the most prolific glass companies in Pittsburgh during the mid-to-late 1800s. Consumers Glass Company C in a nsumers Glass Company, Ville.

Dating Dominion Glass Bottle Dating, a Shy Girlfriend Hook Up Victoria Tx The New Rules Of Love And. B (with 2 serifs)often the Chas.

One possibility: Agnew Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (c.1854-1894). Time period when this dating napa ca plant was in operation is uncertain. They had two hand-operated insulator presses. See Philada Glass Works.

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