Myungsoo and sungjong dating

Myungsoo and sungjong dating

Myungsoo and sungjong dating

He's just a best friend of mine. I love you too!

Myungsoo : Hey babe, I got you something Sungjong : It better not be that turtle I told you not to buy Myungsoo: that turtle? Yahhhh why don't you call me? Maybe I'll meet someone I know?

bad experiences online dating When he pulled back, I didnt do anything but asked him. I never think that your relationship with him will affect our friendship this much. Too bad he's really stupid and chooses Sungjong out of all people in the world "I know right" And suddenly, "sungyeol-aahhh!" It's Sunggyu Hyung and Dongwoo Hyung.

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"sungyeol-aahhhh!" "guyyss!" They broke me into a linkedin hookup app group hug, they screamed like crazy, and forget the fact that we're in the middle of the crowded airport. I was supposed to be happy but I just can't. Guys, I will miss you.

DJ: Sungjong -shi, if Suzy said she wants to date you would you say yes? Bu (fuck), yes, I do care about him, so much. He changed a lot. After school, he walked home with Sungjong.

Isn't it enough with the fact that you dating Sungjong? He likes me too! I introduced them to Woohyun, and seems like Woohyun and the guys will have a good relationship, that's great. Sungjong is absolutely not good, but he kept on clinging onto him. I rarely hang-out with Myungsoo, not like the old days.

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"You're just jealous!" "No. That bastard, why don't you get out of myungsoo and sungjong dating my mind?

A fanpage for MyungZy (Myungsoo and Suzy)! I could hear he shouted my name but I ignored him. That bastar (another bastard besides Myungsoo), he was with another guy, their fingers entwined with each others, and sometimes they're kissing. It's not just one line of the lyrics, but the whole song described how I feel towards him.

I'll just play my role as a good stranger "Dude, you're so kind. Not that person again. Thinking about Myungsoo again? I entered the cafe and ordered a medium size of hot Americano. I'm not supposed to be like this!

If you do not support, you can just skip along now. I was very happy (That very happy part must be in a bold letter, and italic, and underlined, and highlighted) "Myungsoo-ya, it has been a long myungsoo and sungjong dating time I smiled towards him, unaware with his gloomy face. I really mean it!

They say love is blind, oh baby, you so blind That line, reminds me of Myungsoo, a lot. After that we went to Sunggyu Hyung's house, using Hoya's car. Myungsoo, listen to me, I'm saying the truth.

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